Rabu, 20 Agustus 2008

Lyric and chord : Sing Over Me (Israel Houghton)

Sing Over Me
Israel Houghton

Key: G
G2 C2
Sing over me
G2/B Em7 Dsus Dsus/C
Songs of de - li - verance
G2/B C2 F2 Dsus D
Lord, cover me with Your mighty hand
G2 C2
Sing over me
G2/B Em7 Dsus
God of the second chance,
G2/B C G D C2 C
Sing o - ver me once again

G2 D/F# Em7 D
Once again, I'm drawing near to worship
As You're drawing me
C2 C2/D G D/F# Em7 D C2
Once ag - ain, You lift my head and lift my heart
G2/B Asus A
To heights unseen
G2/B C2
In a moment I am in Your presence
G2/B A2/C#
Everything is clear
C2 Dsus D
As I hear heaven's melody
As You begin to...
(repeat Chorus)
(repeat Verse)
(repeat Chorus)

C2 D/C Em7
Once again, once again
D/E C2 D/E Em7
Once again, once again
(repeat Chorus twice)

G/B Am7/C G Dsus Dsus/C
Sing o - ver me
G/B Am7/C G Dsus
Sing o - ver me
D C2 G
Once again, once again

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