Kamis, 07 Agustus 2008

Lyric : for You are my GOD (GMB)

for You are my GOD
By Sydney Mohedey (Giving My Best)
You are the hope of my soul
You are the sun in my world
i lay down my heart
my life's in Your loving hands
more than my hopes an my dreams
more than what my eyes could see
Your love consumes me
Your Grace is all that i need

Reff :
for You are my GOD
You are my King
i'll sing Your Name
and i'll shout out Your fame
in Your presence is where i belong
for You are my GOD
You are my King
Jesus You only You are my everything

2 komentar:

Rinda Childish mengatakan...

thx banget ya !! aduhh ni lyric nyarinya susah banget ! untung ada :D GOD BLESSES U

Hartato mengatakan...

wow,, ada jg yg koleksi ya..
great collection..!!!
btw, minta teks & chord "i'm calling" dari album 'Life is Calling' donk..
thx ya,, GBU...

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