Sabtu, 06 September 2008

Lyric and chord : Our Heart

Our Heart
John Chisum, George Searcy
Key: A

E A2 F#m7
Our heart, our desire
D7 Bm7 D/E E D/E
Is to see the nations wor- ship
E A2 F#m7
Our cry, our prayer
D2 Bm7 Esus E
Is to sing Your praise to the ends of the earth
F#m C#/F
That with one mighty voice
A/E A/B B/Eb
Evey tribe and tongue rejoi- ces
E A/E F#m
Our heart, our desire
Bm7 D/E E A
Is to see the nations wor- ship You

Heavenly Father
Your mercy showers down upon all people
D2 D D/C# D/B
Every race upon this earth
A2 E/Ab
May Your Spirit pierce the darkness
F#m A/E
Break the chains of death upon us
Let us rise in honest worship
Bm7 Bm7/E
To declare Your matchless worth

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